22 March 2006


Ontario Hansard

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario has its Hansard online back to June 1985. These records are clearly indexed by each day's date. Each webpage has navigation links — sort of — giving the viewer easy access to the other Hansard records (this applies only to the HTML format – the pages in pdf do not have any navigation links).

Later update:– I don't understand the organization of the Ontario Hansard online. Consider these two links, both to the same date:
(1) December 8, 1994
(2) December 8, 1994
Both links take you to webpages that seem to be Hansard reports of words spoken on the floor of the Ontario Legislature on December 8, 1994, but how do they relate to each other? I can find no explanation. The comment (above) about good navigation links in each webpage, applies only to the page accessed by the second link. The page accessed by the first link has no useful navigation links at all.

All of Ontario's Hansard records are available in HTML format, from June 4, 1985 onward. Those pages dated after October 20, 1999 are also available in pdf format.

A search of the Ontario Hansard for the earliest occurrence of "information highway" turned up one on June 2, 1994.

The earliest mention of "internet" is on December 8, 1994.

The earliest mention of "electronic highway" occurs on May 17, 1990 (I believe this is the correct date although the date appears nowhere in the page. In fact, nowhere in this page does it state that this is business of the Ontario Legislature — internal evidence leads to this inference.)

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