01 April 2006


New Brunswick Hansard

The New Brunswick Legislative Assembly's Hansard is produced and available in two languages, English and French. Both versions are available online back to February 6, 1996.

The phrase information highway or l'autoroute de l'information is found in the New Brunswick Hansard report dated February 6, 1996. This is the earliest New Brunswick Hansard record available online. It is possible that an earlier mention of "information highway" or "l'autoroute de l'information" occurs in the printed New Brunswick Hansard.

I did not find a search service for the New Brunswick Hansard. (The occurrence of "information highway", mentioned above, was found by accident, while viewing some of the Hansard reports selected at random.) Perhaps the complexities encountered in building an effective and reasonably efficient search engine, that must work equally well in either of two languages, are a factor in this lack.

Some of these New Brunswick Hansard reports are in pdf format, others are in HTML. I did not discern any pattern for either format, and found no explanation of the way in which the format of a particular Hansard report is determined.

I found no mention of any plan to make Hansard records before February 6, 1996 available online.

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