11 January 2007


Parks Canada Website - A Citizen's View (5)

In the Parks Canada National Photo Gallery webpage, I did a search on "Ontario". Just "Ontario" in the "Province or Territory" space, leaving the other three blank.

It returned a page showing thumbnails of photographs. At the bottom this appeared: "Page 1 of 611". The only way provided, to look through the entire collection, was a "Next page" link. That is, if I want to see the thumbnails displayed on, say, page 567, I have to step through the whole collection, one page at a time, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. until I get to page 567. This is, uh, an inadequate way to design a website.

It turned out that it is easy to get to page 567 or page 365 or page 99 or any other page in this collection, if you are willing and able to decipher and then edit the URL, but surely Parks Canada does not expect its viewers to do this. Surely they can provide a better way.

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